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Latest news from crypto currencies

A bipartisan Senate bill would tell you how much Facebook and Google make from your data

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(CNN)Two US senators said they are introducing a bill on Monday that could force big tech companies to disclose how much money consumers’ personal information is worth to their businesses. The bill also contains more familiar ideas, such as requiring … Continued

Libra cryptocurrency: dare you trust Facebook with your money? | John Naughton

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The social media giants foray into bitcoin territory should prompt suspicion Weve known for ages that somewhere in the bowels of Facebook people were beavering away designing a cryptocurrency. Various names were bandied about, including GlobalCoin and Facebook Coin. The … Continued

Get your early-bird tickets to TC Sessions: Enterprise 2019

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In a world where the enterprise market hovers around $500 billion in annual sales, is it any wonder that hundreds of enterprise startups launch into that fiercely competitive arena every year? It’s a thrilling, roller-coaster ride that’s seen it all: … Continued

What money should be

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Nik Milanovic The future of money is just beginning. There are good reasons for money to have remained unchanged. Currencies are controlled and issued by states, and for many reasons, they need to be controlled and issued by states. But … Continued